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A&S Group is an investment firm that runs and supports a wide variety of online-driven projects.

A&S Group works hard every day to assert itself as a dynamic and innovative organization. The company maintains a leading position in its market through acquisitions and national and international expansion, as well as continuous operational improvements for creative development that consistently exceeds consumer expectations.

about_imageAmongst its initiatives, A&S Group prioritizes effective market analysis to track emerging trends and forecast the needs of its current and potential consumers. As such, the concepts developed and acquired by A&S Group respond to a broad range of socio-demographic consumer profiles.

A winning formula

We are result-oriented and driven by success!

A&S Group: Working hand in hand with successful online projects!


    Because early in any startup you need one thing. Growth.

  • DATA

    Because success engineering is not possible without strong analytic skills based on data.


    Because if you know what is leading to your success then you can repeat what is working.


    Because we build our success over perspectives and visions.


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Our goal is to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and partners. We're always looking for new investment opportunities as well as investors to help us expand. Contact us if you're interested!

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